Vega del Monte

Year: 2017 Location: Valle de Bravo, State of México Construction: 378m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas Miguel Vargas, Frida Mouchlian, Sergio Delgado, José Luis Jiménez

Vega del Monte is a weekend project for two Mexico City-based families located in the nearby town of Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico. The site is in a forest with an considerable natural slope, which was important for the project development.

Due to the 360-degree view of the forest area and the low height of the only neighbor’s walls, the main intention was to enjoy the outdoor sense of the project in the best way possible.

The social program of the house needed to be separate from the private program in order to have the most open area possible. The main story was separated into two blocks, it also contains all the bedrooms and services forming a basement, or a gazebo buried in the natural terrain, forming an open terrace on top of it. The living space can be opened on both sides with sliding glass doors, enhancing the indoor-outdoor sensation.

The open terrace is the most important non-constructed space: most of the social gatherings and activities take place here. The pool was separated from the main construction with the idea of scattering part of the program on the site, having to pass through the natural terrain to enjoy this other terrace.