Year: 2012 Location: CDMX Construction: 650m2 Team: Pablo PĂ©rez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas

Totolmajac is a holiday home located in the town of Totolmajac in the State of Mexico. The project was developed in a small terrain with a small artificial lake inside the grounds. The goal with this project was to make a proposal with the lowest budget possible, the smallest amount of materials, and minimal effects on its surroundings.

We decided to use local elements and to use materials with different purposes that could collaborate in the development of the architectural work. In this case, the structure of an existing greenhouse was reutilized, and, in the development process, it became the project itself. Once the measurements and conditions of the greenhouse were considered, we posed the question of how this structure would become a living space. What would usually be the cover of a greenhouse, today works as the swathe of a house, protecting it from rain and sunlight.

The rooms and bathrooms are inside small modules; these were created with Polin wood, and they were joined to the floors and the walls of the construction. In the rest of the space, that lays underneath this big cover that blurs the shape of the physical construction, other public activities take place. With this project, we accomplished a conceptual duality, where materials are used in their purest form and displayed with honesty. At the same time, we create an idea of belonging and lightness, where contact with the area is minimal. This makes Totolmajac a sustainable project in every way: ecologically, socially, and theoretically.