Top Golf Monterrey

Year: 2018 Location: Nuevo León, México Construction: 6,314m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios, Miguel Vargas, Andrés Domínguez, Adán García, Hermann Tamayo, Cesar Pérez, Antonio Contreras

TopGolf is a sports center that originated in England and, in less than twenty years, it has become a global training community with premises all around the world. Currently, 53 of these centers are still on the planning and construction stages of the project; most of them are located in the USA, México, and Latin America.

Soon, TopGolf, will be arriving at one of Mexico’s most important districts: San Pedro Garza Garcia, in Monterrey. The center will offer the local community a new and more accessible, as well as entertaining, way to enjoy gold: with restaurants, music, and party halls, on top of the golf course.

Our proposal has an emphasis on creating visual contact between the three levels of the building. An empty space on the center allows natural light and crossed ventilation to travel through a dome across all levels. By doing so, we’ll reduce the energy consumption rate for a traditional building. The project will also include a big open terrace on the third floor that features views of the Sierra Madre Oriental to the south, and the golf course to the north.