Skot Foreman

Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios, Christopher Torres, Jonathan Morales, Jesús García Year: 2018 Location: San Miguel de Allende, México Construction: 3,747m2

Skot Foreman is a gallery located in San Miguel de Allende, which’s program was developed taking the existing construction in mind, using it as a contention-principle: “a space within a space”. It was also developed reinterpreting elements from the region by incorporating them in the project, such as the furniture and the material palette. The gallery can be linked to the context. The landscape’s intervention inside of the lot was thought of as an open-air gallery, and it was designed with ascending and descending blueprints as a sort of ramp with greenery, which would allow the development of expositions by connecting them to the landscape.

The complex is arranged by galleries, a restaurant, two apartments, multiple-use space, a store, a cellar, a parking lot, an open-air gallery, and terraces.