Orient Hongda

Year: 2019 Location: China Construction: 559m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios Miguel Vargas Terán, Sergio Delgado, Gabriela Celis, Jonathan Morales

Traditionally, we understand an office as a space that responds only to the functional and operational needs of a company without considering perceptual and natural aspects that would considerably improve the performance and quality of life of the employees. We also understand the challenge of developing an architectural space that reflects the goodness and quality of Orient products, as well as the role they play in the fashion industry.

After combining our conceptual ideology with the existing physical space for the office, we suggested to create interior atmospheres that work as independent elements that make the structure of the building disappear perceptually. We will also use materials that allow the passage of natural light and generate a virtual communication between spaces, creating a sense of mystery and curiosity to want to know what lies behind.