Las Golondrinas

Year: 2018 Location: Valle de Bravo, México Construction: 350 m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, Christopher Torres, Jesús García, Camila Ureña Fotografía: Rafael Gamo

Las Golondrinas is located in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico. The project was to be resolved in a site with no close neighbors, surrounded by forest and mountains; it was sought as a weekend house with the usual program of a single-family house.

Due to the irregular terrain and slope, the concept was to have a solid basement. This holds three independent volumes, each for a specific purpose: public area, sleeping area and service units. These volumes were held together by a single enclosing slab on top of them. Within them, the semi-open halls and remaining space is used as a terrace area with a view to the surrounding forest.