La Sierra

Year: 2017 Location: Querétaro, México Construction: 590m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios, Sergio Delgado, Jesús García

La Sierra is a living compound in Querétaro, México. The compound is made up of 96 living spaces, which are divided into five different groups, a clubhouse, a multiuse room, a pool, and a gym.

The conceptual basis for La Sierra was to create a space where the limits between houses, green areas, and the street could disappear, so that an illusion of being outdoors endlessly would be created. To meet our goal, a green area was positioned at the center of the compound as the main axis of the project. Meanwhile, it also functioned as a park for all the homes that surrounded it. Consequently, the houses created more green spaces on their own, due to the design and the disposition within the terrain.