Galería Ethra

Year: 2009 Location: CDMX Construction: 500m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas Photography: Onnis Luque

The project of Ethra Gallery focuses on the restoration and adaptation of a 19th century house into a gallery space. The basic concept for the intervention was not to intervene (as contradictorily as it sounds), but to recover and synthesize the space. Everything that was damaged was restored back to their original state. Also, we applied a patina of white in the interior and exterior of the house unifying the spaces and endowing them with light.

New elements were required, such as a terrace for exterior exhibitions and new circulations. These elements were designed in a modern and minimal way. Thus, it is very easy to distinguish the new elements from those originally found in the house. When the intervention had to take place in an existing element, it was approached with extreme subtlety. The spaces that changed their function remained intact. It was furniture what actually made the transformation possible.