Diego Rivera

Year: 2017 Location: Naucalpan, CDMX Construction: 200 m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, Christopher Torres, Jesús García, Camila Ureña Photography: Onnis Luque

Diego Rivera is a residential project located in San Ángel, a popular area in the south of Mexico City. The project was built in a regular terrain with an area of 10x20 meters. Due to the layout’s dimensions, the project’s main goal was to increase the feeling of outdoor space. Therefore, in our proposal, we suggested a patio across the land with a diagonal side, that would not only increase the perspective, but it would also give a larger displacement area, achieving the feeling of a much bigger space. This sensation of openness gets amplified on the lower floor, where a great window joins the living-room and dining-room space with the outdoor space.

The suggested material for the patio’s floor was a white-marble-gravel-washed concrete, strained on location to get bigger boards. This creates a bigger sense of scope, and it allows the reflection of light. The upper level has another diagonal line that defines the access route, it puts emphasis on the entryway to the garden, and it allows for a roofed access to the house.