Corporativo Bayon

Year: 2010 Location: CDMX Construction: 1,400m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Yuli Hernández Photography: Onnis Luque

Bayon is a set of two decoration stores which share a common platform for design. The project is located in a high automobile traffic area. Accordingly, an urban sideboard responds to this. The ground floor works as this great sideboard to the exterior, closing the external view and isolating the project itself from noise and visual contamination.

The sideboard’s horizontality is broken by the staircase which also separates one business from the other, without being a blunt barrier but rather a filter. The staircase is supported by a lattice. It is formed by flown steps that give a feeling of lightness and transparency inviting the user to look around the area. The upper floor has a prompter relation with the exterior and is marked by specific openings, related to the ground floor through a double height. The interior cleanliness allows the furniture and fabrics to add the space color and life. The structure alone is contrasted with the white color of the walls.