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Year: 2019 Location: Querétaro, México Construction: 340m2 Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, José Jiménez, Adriana Rubio Photography: Rafael Gamo

Campanario is a family residence located in a housing development in the city of Querétaro. Having a rectangular site, restrictions by developers had an important impact on the project’s placement which required front and back free space.

These restrictions were taken as having a single green space where the house was to be located on top of, having a side-to-side condition. The structural project and the program on plan were set to respect this condition, generating open space flow on the ground-floor plan and major view openings on the first-floor plan where all the bedrooms are located. As privacy and light control was required, a second wooden skin covers the entire main facade, which contrasts with the bare concrete structure.