Tlalpuente House / PPAA + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas

Archdaily October 2019


Arqa October 2019

Tlalpuente house: volumes and voids in the Mexican forest

Domus web October 2019


Divisare October 2019

PPAA introduces geometric volume to the forested landscape outside mexico city

Designboom September 2019

Monterrey 55

Arqa September 2019

Casa Martina / PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Archdaily September 2019

A Matte Black Home in Mexico City Opens Up to 360-Degree Forest Views

Dwell September 2019

Casa Martina

Arquine September 2019

PPAA completes first ocuilan dwelling for those affected by mexico earthquake

Designboom September 2019

Luxury at no cost: a project by PPAA in Mexico

Domus web September 2019

Monterrey 55 by PPAA

Gooood August 2019

Magnificencia recuperada en la colonia Roma

Mexico Design August 2019

This Mexico City Apartment Building Brings a Historic Home Into the 21st Century

Dwell August 2019

Monterrey 55 Building / PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Archdaily August 2019

Glass Walls and Wooden Screens Strike a Balance in This Mexican Home

Dwell July 2019

Casa Campanario | PPAA

Glocal June 2019

"Sierra fría de PPAA: elegante casa en Las Lomas"

México Design June 2019

Campanario House / PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Archdaily June 2019

Casa Campanario

Arquine June 2019

Una casa a Città del Messico è pensata come un sistema aperto

Domus web June 2019

central mexico's 'casa campanario' is a house of two halves

Designboom June 2019

Sierra Fría House/ PPAA + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas

Archdaily May 2019

Sierra Fría. "Gardens surround board-marked concrete house in Mexico City by PPAA Arquitectos"

DeZeen May 2019

Casa Sierra Fría by PPAA features a rooftop retreat that overlooks Mexico City

Designboom April 2019

Aculco. "A Remote Holiday Home Celebrates Raw and Natural Materials in Mexico"

Dwell April 2019

Aculco. "PPAA Arquitectos completes 'isolated' Aculco retreat for two brothers in Mexico"

DeZeen April 2019

Aculco. "Escape From The City With PPAA's Aculco House"

OPUMO March 2019

Aculco. "A Place Where People Can Rest In Nature"

Gooood February 2019


La Quinta house. Print

Area November 2018

Casa la Quinta: la sencillez de habitar

Mexico Design October 2018

Casa La Quinta: la sencillez de habitar. Octubre 2018

Mexico Design October 2018

Casa la Quinta / PPAA

Glocal September 2018

Casa La Quinta: A Mexican Weekend House Designed Around Different Voids

OPUMO July 2018

Casa La Quinta: Weekend house in San Miguel de Allende. Australia

Yellowtrace July 2018

Muted Tones Mingle With Light and Shadows to form a Quiet Mexican Oasis

Dwell July 2018

Casa la quinta, arquitectura para el descanso

CoolHunter July 2018

Casa La Quinta /PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas

Archdaily July 2018

Casa la Quinta perfectly captures the serenity of clear design

Designboom June 2018

Casa La Quinta, μακριά από τα αδιάκριτα βλέμματα

Greece. Casa Viva. June 2018

Three patios and a swimming pool slot into Casa La Quinta in Mexico

DEZEEN June 2018

After 10 years DCPP evolves and is divided into two offices

PPAA April 2018

Casa La Quinta: Колониальный домик для пожилой пары в Мексике

AD RUSIA March 2018