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Spatial Sheet

Pablo PĂ©rez Palacios Sheet of Fabrian 55cm x 70cm Strained on site June 2019 Strained on site

My objective with this piece is to rethink the architectural process of any project and to approach said process with a different perspective or point of view.

All architectural processes are composed of three conceptual stages. The first one can be defined as the reading of a project’s intention or objective, the second one is the translation of the idea into the document, and, lastly, the third is the translation of the concept or idea on which the project is based. All of this happens in a plan, drawing, or a series of documents that allow the physical development of the said idea.

These graphic references represent a tridimensional idea, and these same documents are used by the people who materialize and transform the concepts into something else. Most times the process of construction happens without any understanding of the space or the “finished project.” These documents are merely used as instruction manuals for spatial creation.

I find the ambiguity of a line when it represents a tridimensional space fascinating: the dialogue between the longevity of the construction and the momentary life of the document, the contrast between the lightness of the paper and the roughness of the materials on site, the fragility of the blueprint and the solidness of the constructed space.

With this piece I want to explore the concepts that not only define the material, but the conceptual as well. With a very simple geometry, formed with a blueprint, I intend to express the relationship that exists between what has been defined and what hasn’t. I am searching for a sense of complexity—not only in the audience’s eyes, but in a semantic area where I understand space as a medium to exercise one’s freedom—instead of originality.