La plazuela más cercana. III Bienal FEMSA, Nunca Fuimos Contemporáneos

In collaboration with Rita Ponce de León Bienal Femsa December 2018 Curatorship: Willy Kautz and Daniel Garza Usobiaga

In FEMSA’s XIII Bienal, in Zacatecas, a public space for the construction of an art pavilion was given. This pavilion would represent the idea and morals of this edition with the statement “We were never contemporary.” This concept is based on Bruno Latour’s book We were never modern, in which a search for hybrid formations between the historical and the contemporary are given.

Moral Plaza is located in the middle of an apple that can be reached through a small street connected to the city’s main street. It possesses, despite its size, various moments where different uses can be given to the plaza.

The idea, which was a result of a perceptual urban analysis, looks to, through the physical reduction of the space, connect the user to an understanding of the plaza and its components. This is achieved by generating new moments related to basic human actions such as sitting down, laying down, etc. All of these are actions that give the space a new use and allow an interaction between the existing urban elements in a more natural way.