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A quien corresponda

GSD Kirkland Gallery, Cambridge April, 2019 Curatorship: Inés Benítez and Edgar Rodríguez

In PPAA we have based our practice on the idea of making an architecture of ideas and not of forms, that is how we respond and relate to the present elements when we develop a project.

We are faced with the correspondence between the solid and the vacuum: we consider them both elements with the same importance. The contained vacuum becomes the program, because, even if it’s not construction, it is a fundamental part of each project.

With this piece we want to explore these concepts where not only the material, but also the immaterial, are defined with a series of geometries that are conformed by the plans. These plans, when juxtaposed, express the correspondence that exists between the solid and the vacuum, the defined and the undefined.

With the black plans we want to create an abstraction of the perpendicular piece, with which we pretend to alter the perception of the contrasting elements.

The virtual lines, as a tridimensional gesture, transform into a plan that defines the relationship between material space and empty space. The limits are the vacuum that is expressed between the borders generated with the intersections.

The search to express the importance of both the constructed and the empty elements gives, as a result, a tridimensional object that separates from itself in order to configurate a series of empty elements outlined by a series of suspended plans.